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So things done while i was home
-Sleep in even more
-Sleept in until i couldnt sleep any more.... so then i cuddled with my plushies xD
-Gone Fishing
-Gave the dog a bath
-Payed most of my bills
-Lounge around the house all day
-Cook excessivly
-Learned to play the paino
-Drink a few bruskies
-Cleaned my room
-Annoy the family (Im good at that)
-Meet Omni in Philly one day
-Picked up my Cuz and walked to Wawa at 2am drunk taking pictures of me wearing my Goofy Hat
-Played Phantasy Star Online into the morning......On to Very Hard Mode!!!
-Went mini golfing and kicked ass
-Went bowling and sucked ass
-Gone to the dentist and was told i needed root canal
-got root canal done and hurt like HELL!!!
-Went for a 2 hr bike ride till 1am with Matt
-Swam in the pool for the first time this year
-Misses his fursuit
-Is bored out of his mind

What to do now????????

  • 1 i have toooo? I already saw u once and thats my quota for the year.
But this time ill make an exception, hell yeah Im coming!

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