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Why bother?
I finally got around to mailing Jaga her new plushie. I hope it arives to her place tommrow before she takes off on her family trip. I know she wants to use him as a pillow and damn is he soft! haha. Only bad part is that i hope her parents wont open up the box he came in. i wrote her a note with fury chit chat and the last thing i need her parents to think about is me bing that creepy fur perve who is sending their daughter plushies. all i can do i how Jaga gets to the box first before her parents.

after sending Bolt to his new home, i wen to a local food joint to apply for a job. i have been looking for some time and decided to go out and try this place. well after spending all this time to look nice to impress i knew it was going to be a waste of time and i was damn right. after spending FOREVER filling out that damn app. and past job experience, it was all for nothing. the guy was looking for a full time worker who was going to be around for a year or more. im just looking for a job that will last me till the end of November. RI has a 12% unemployement rate and im part of that % looking for a job. RAWR im tired now off to beds


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