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What ever
Well after a slow weekend things started to look up for me. I fiannly got off my ass on Saturday and went to the Warwick fur meet for the first time. i went with Eternal and Omgwai and meet them at the the mall. wasnt as big as the ones in charlotte but what ever it was a small meet/ get together of fuzzies. didnt really do much at first just talked and such, went to the arcade and shot some bad guys. Then out of randomness we went to the local Toys R Us  and just walked around. Damn if i were a kid again i would fall in love with this store all over..... soooo many toys!

after Toys R Us we decided to go to Chucky Cheezes... yeah bad idea. i dont remember the last time i was in one but i will never go back again. the second i walked in the place it just reaked of kids! the smell of a daycare didnt even amount to the stentch that was in the air of this place. there isnt enought Febreez to clean that place up and on top of it the staff looked like they wanted to dig themselfs a grgave and die in. I dont blame them. but whike i was thinking to my self. y the hell am i here, the other fuzzies were getting there pictues taken in the booth think that prints there pictue on an ID card. after 10 minutes i wanted to go b/c it just smells that bad, NEVER take ur kids there!

But after Eternal droped me off back at the mall, i went into the Disney store to see if they had the 30in Bolt plushie. my friend Jaga Grey Fox has been loking every where for it so i just wanted to help her out. i keep teasing her b/c i have one and OMG is he the best plush to cuddle with! so i walk into the store, (i was at this store like 3 months ago and didnt have the plush) and the second i walked in i spotted not one but two big Bolt plushies! so i get on the plone with Jaga and tell her i finnaly found one. all the Disney Stores around her closed so she could never find this guy.  but i tell her hey the store has one and if ya want ill get it 4 ya but u have to pay me back. so she agrees to pay me back if i but the plush. i go over pick up the guy and head over to the check out.

At the checkout the girl rings up the plush and to my surprise she says to me "its buy one get one free, would you like to get another?" Dude the second she said that i was estatic!. I couldnt believe she said that,  so i run over and grab the last Bolt Plushie and once again head back to the counter. i wonder what was going throught this girls head when i was buying these 2 massive plushies? lol,  But i was so happy on the deal i got, now i have 2 Bolt plushies to cuddle with :3 you can never have enought of a good thing. after i walk out of the store i call Jaga once again and tell her the good news and that i will be shipping him out monday. Yeah if you caint tell, we love are plushies ^_^

Well now that my weekend was looking good, all i have to do is find a roommate still, got dicked over 3 times already lets go for 4, find a part time job, work on my project and see if i can find an appartment that i can stay in till Aug. good times ahead of me >.<

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I wonder if Discovery Zone was as bad as Chucky Cheese's is.

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